Tableau Consultancy Services

We build systems using Tableau to help our customers gain more insight into their business and improve their decision-making.

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We can supply the following Tableau related services on a highly competitive fixed price or per day basis:

Tableau Dashboard Creation

Connect to huge variety of data sources – Excel files, text files, databases, cloud data sources – and visualise your data to gain insights to drive better business decisions. Create meaningful dashboards and analyse data on an ongoing, actionable basis.

Tableau Server – Share your Viz!

Make your dashboards available to a wider audience using Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Public and Tableau Reader. We can install and configure your own Tableau Server, either on premises or in cloud, to industry standards using recognised best practice, making sure you follow the most cost effective strategy for your business and your target audience.

Automate Data Flows

Using data wrangling tools like Tableau Prep, we will help you automate your data flows so you can automatically clean, combine and present all of your data from disparate sources into a single, accessible, accurate data source with little or no involvement from your busy staff, giving them more time to concentrate on core business.


We can support you on your data journey with comprehensive support, either as a package or on a case by case basis.

Why Choose Us?

Olive IT is a niche Tableau and data consultancy based near Malvern and covering the midlands, south west, Cotswolds and surrounding areas including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, and the Thames corridor.

Our experience in analytics and business intelligence spans two decades and a wide range of industries, including financial services, automotive, further education, telecoms, utilities and government sectors. This means we know how to help you set up and run effective, secure and robust data services in the most efficient way, avoiding pitfalls and saving time and money.

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