Oracle and Business Objects at NPower

  • Re-engineered manual SQL database load and transformation scripts to use automated PL/SQL packages. Packages included complex exception handling and restart procedures. Constrained by an overnight operational runtime window and CPU resource, much of the work was concerned with code and database optimisation. Resulting code halved the load time and saved the department considerable computing re-charge costs.
  • Developed a PL/SQL auditing package to control the data loads, ensure data consistency and integrity, automate manual checks on database jobs and provide a formal run control structure thus saving staff considerable time.

Business Objects and Oracle at Reuters

  • Business Objects Technical Consultant for Reuters Information Systems (RIS) worldwide. Part of small team acting as ‘gurus’ to the rest of Reuters concerned with Business Objects Infrastructure, how to deliver functionality to over 1200 users, establishing ‘best practice’ guidelines and liaising with Business Objects Corporation. Tasked with build and maintenance of European Repository with over 1200 users. Included user training and workshop delivery.
  • Senior Business Objects and Oracle Developer in a ‘virtual’ team (members were based in various sites throughout London, Paris and New York). Developed a number of problem tracking applications based on transactional Oracle databases. Involved at all stages of the development life cycle.
  • Universe creation with advanced use of contexts, custom LOVs, variable connections, scripting, Objects defined with Oracle functions; Advanced standard report creation involving trend lines, derived variables, multiple hierarchies, context determined calculations.
  • Design, build and implementation of summary tables, PL/SQL functions, procedures, packages and anonymous blocks; SQL query analysis and tuning using sql_trace & tkprof; Indexing; Developed & supported ETL software using SQL Loader, DB links and triggers; PL/SQL data migration and data fix scripts; developed change summary views based on triggers and audit tables.