Local Authority Data

Reading Helen’s recent blog Feeling nostalgic about better connected got me thinking about what local authority data is now available and how such data might be visualised using tools like Tableau that weren’t available 20 years ago.

It turns out data availability for all areas of government is much improved. The Office for National Statistics is a treasure trove of useful data sources, including lots of geodata. This is where I found the shapefile for local authority boundaries in England and Wales that I use in the Tableau viz linked to here.

https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics is another great site for all sorts of government data and this is where I found the 2017-18 expenditure summary. For local government political makeup, check out the excellent web site Open Council Data UK maintained by Jon Lawson.

I’ve just scratched the surface, there are loads more data sources out there, some of which are now available to be called via an API. Hopefully I can return to this subject in the near future with some more local government visualisations. Watch this space.

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