Tableau at Jaguar Land Rover

  • Tableau Server migration of on-premises Tableau cluster to Google Virtual Private Cloud. Design of high performance ‘Self-Serve’ architecture in Google VPC. Migration of 200 projects and 4000 users to the new platform.
  • Tableau Server Cluster implementation serving 6000 users located across the world; design and implementation of the complete service including the Tableau Server security model, self-serve fair usage policy, server monitoring and capacity planning and the ongoing management of the JLR support team, both onshore and offshore.
  • Design and implementation of Tableau Server and o/s service metrics and associated Tableau administrative dashboards. Automated data collection, wrangling and analysis using Windows Performance Monitor, Powershell and Python scripting, Google Cloud Storage, Google Big Query and Tableau dashboards.
  • Design and implementation of Tableau Server Postgres system database replication to Google Big Query.
  • Design and implementation of automated Tableau log data collection, Logshark processing and presentation via Big Query and Tableau dashboards.
  • Design and delivery of Vehicle Financing BI solution using SAP Business Objects, SAP Data Services and Oracle technologies. Management of onshore and offshore team.