Local Authority Data

Reading Helen’s recent blog Feeling nostalgic about better connected got me thinking about what local authority data is now available and how such data might be visualised using tools like Tableau that weren’t available 20 years ago. It turns out data availability for all areas of government is much improved. The Office for National Statistics is a treasure trove of… Read MoreLocal Authority Data »

Tableau at Jaguar Land Rover

Tableau Server migration of on-premises Tableau cluster to Google Virtual Private Cloud. Design of high performance ‘Self-Serve’ architecture in Google VPC. Migration of 200 projects and 4000 users to the new platform. Tableau Server Cluster implementation serving 6000 users located across the world; design and implementation of the complete service including the Tableau Server security model, self-serve fair usage policy,… Read MoreTableau at Jaguar Land Rover »

BI Report Building for HMG

Dashboard and report building service using Hyperion Interactive Reporting and Oracle PL/SQL. All the usual BI tools were utilised including PL/SQL packages, table functions, views, synonyms and JavaScript scripting. Automation of several key reports resulting in significant time savings for the customer as well as supply of general Business Intelligence best practice advice.

HP Service Manager Metrics for HMG

Oracle MI development for a HP Service Manager and Asset Manager enterprise-wide implementation project. Oracle and Hyperion used to deliver business critical MI reports for multiple business units. The build, test and implementation of PL/SQL packages using table functions to build ‘on-the-fly’ history and snapshot tables with complex runtime transformation logic. The creation of views and synonyms. The build and… Read MoreHP Service Manager Metrics for HMG »

Agile XI31 at Sun Life of Canada

Business Objects development using Agile methodology. We delivered a working MI system in 6 weeks that provided key metrics about pension product sales activity and performance. Activities included: The design, development, implementation and support of the entire Business Objects Enterprise component including server build, presentation database design (Kimball methodology), security model, universes, reports and dashboards. Extensive use of all Business… Read MoreAgile XI31 at Sun Life of Canada »